Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn - UK


The Reishi mushroom is a beautiful and highly prized medicinal mushroom.

Known in China as the 'mushroom of immortality' Reishi has a host of medicinal benefits.

It's stunning red, yellow and white fruitbodies are amazing to watch as they develop. You can grow them in long 'antler' type formation under high Co2 conditions inside the grow bag, or in a shelf or conk like formation when allowed to grow outside the bag.

This spawn pack includes:

  • 2.8kg of quality Reishi mushroom grain spawn
  • 20 x Mushroom cultivation bags (can hold 1.5-2 kg substrate per bag)

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Reishi mycelium is aggressive and fast growing, making it relatively easy for cultivators to grow.  

The fruiting phase takes little longer than most mushrooms - often 30 days or more from seeing small pins form, to harvesting fully mature mushrooms.

Check out our guide all about Reishi Mushrooms for more info.


  • kiln dried sawdust or hardwood fuel pellets
  • sterilised supplemented sawdust
  • shredded cardboard

Growing Parameters:

  • Incubation: 20 - 24C, 14 - 21 days 
  • Fruiting: 12 - 18C, 90 - 95% R.H, <1000ppm CO2 for conks; above 2000ppm for antlers
  • Harvest: 20 - 40 days after pinning, 1 crop

    Who Is This For?

    This is for anyone who wants to get involved a step further than our super simple GroCycle Kits.

    With this spawn pack, you can do the whole process yourself, inoculating a bulk load (around 30-40kg) of pasteurised straw or sterilised supplemented sawdust.

    There are no instructions; you'll need to already know how to grow mushrooms.

    If you don't know how to grow mushrooms and you want to learn, then either:

    A good place to start is with our Ultimate Guide On How To Grow Mushrooms

     Important Information

     Note: The spawn contained in this pack is alive and should be used within 1 week of receiving, or can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 month.

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