If you want to grow a load of gourmet mushrooms without too much hassle, then our ready-to-fruit mushroom substrate blocks will be perfect for you.

We offer a range of mixed Oyster, Shiitake & Lion’s Mane blocks, all certified for use in organic agriculture by the Soil Association.

Suitable for commercial growers, community projects, and home-scale production, the blocks arrive fully colonised and ready to fruit.

You can skip the mixing, sterilisation, inoculation and incubation stages, and simply place these highly productive and reliable substrate blocks straight into your fruiting room.

You will get your first crop around 5-10 days later and your second harvest approx. 2-3 weeks after that.

FREE delivery to mainland UK


Our mushroom substrate is suitable for the production of mushrooms in organic farming systems.

We use organic straw, alfalfa, sawdust & bran in the production of our substrate blocks. You can rest assured of the integrity of the product you are buying.

It also means that if you become certified organic, you will be able to use our substrate to produce organically certified mushrooms, opening up new marketing opportunities and attracting the best price for your produce.

We offer the lowest cost substrate blocks in the UK, bringing the cost per kg of substrate down and making it more feasible for UK mushroom growers to buy their substrate in and focus on fruiting and sales instead.

For more info why it makes sense to buy in your mushroom substrate, check out our YouTube video on this topic:

For more general info on what makes a good mushroom substrate, check out the guide on our website.