Low Tech Mushroom Farming Online Course



If you want to learn how to grow Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms, without loads of expensive equipment, extensive research or loads of space, then this comprehensive online course & community is perfect for you.

Skip The Learning Curve

Go straight in to successfully growing a load of fresh and delicious gourmet mushrooms in your local area.

We've spent the last 10 years developing simple ways to grow these amazing mushrooms. All that knowledge & experience is distilled into this course, enabling you to set up and run a mushroom farm in your local area.

If you're interested in growing mushrooms on a small-medium scale, this is by far the easiest way to get started and we'd love to help you make it happen.

More than 90 video lessons walking you through how to plan, build and run a small scale mushroom farm.

What You Get:

  • 90+ step by step video lessons showing you how to plan, build and run a small scale mushroom farm
  • Downloadable guides, spreadsheets & equipment lists
  • Ongoing support - we're on hand to answer your follow up questions & help you succeed
  • Private Community Facebook group to connect with and learn alongside 2000+ fellow course members
  • Lifetime access - keep coming back as you experiment & learn + all future course updates and added lessons

Course Content

  • Module 0: Mushrooms 101 (4 lessons) an introduction to mushroom biology and how they are cultivated
  • Module 1: Planning Your Low Tech Mushroom Farm (10 Lessons) - plan & design your growing setup. We look at some key factors to consider,  get a good understanding about what each space needs, and help you to decide what to do in your space.
  • Module 2: Building Your Low Tech Mushroom Farm (8 lessons) - Time to get stuck in and build your farm! In this module we'll show you around our farm and talk you through how to build each part of your set up & which equipment to use.
  • Module 3: Before You Get Growing (6 lessons) - This module looks at some elements to consider before you get stuck into the growing. We take an overview of the growing process and look in depth at different strains, substrates and growing containers.
  • Module 4: How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms (8 lessons) - Everything you need to know to successfully grow Oyster mushrooms on straw, coffee grounds or sawdust. We look at all stages in the growing cycle from inoculation to harvest.
  • Module 5: How To Grow Shitake Mushrooms (6 lessons) - We show you the easiest way to grow Shiitake mushrooms without the need for sterile techniques. This module looks at which strains to use and an ideal substrate formula, as well as how to care for each stage of the growing cycle.
  • Module 6:  Running Your Low Tech Mushroom Farm (7 lessons) - Here we look at some useful tips and routines for the day to day running of your mushroom farm: record keeping, trials, controlling the growing environment, cleaning & a detailed series on the economics of mushroom production 
  • Module 7: Troubleshooting Common Issues ( 10 lessons) - Got a problem? Chances are it's covered here in this vault of troubleshooting videos. And if not, then let us know & we'll make a new video and add it for you!


  • Growing Mushrooms At Home Online Course (22 videos showing you the easiest way to get started at home)
  • Growing mushrooms On Logs Online Course (5 in-depth lessons walking you through how to successfully grow mushrooms on logs)

To see the full breakdown of what is taught in the course or to pay in $US or Euros, check out our full course enrolment page here.

What Happens After You Join?

You will be sent your course membership details straight away, enabling you to log in to the course area with 100+ lessons to begin learning from. You'll also receive:

  • an invitation to come and join us in the course member support group
  • a personal welcome video from Adam or Eric
  • a series of introductory emails during the first few weeks helping you to get familiar with all the learning materials + tips on how to get started
  • ongoing support from us with any questions you may have

The course is designed for self learning, so you can take it at whatever pace suits you best. Some people binge-watch it over a few days, and others like to take more time over a few months as they plan and build their farm alongside other commitments they may have.

Why Join?

When you enrol in the Low Tech Mushroom Farming Course, you’re getting the culmination of over a decade of mushroom growing experience. 

When we work one to one as consultants, clients pay us over $5000 to support them in setting up.


...You Don’t Have To Pay Over $5000 To Get What They Got!

You can substantially shorten the learning curve and save yourself a lot of money and time making beginner mistakes.

PLUS you have access to ongoing support from us and a community of more than 2000+ Low Tech Mushroom Growers all around the world.

Check out this page full of positive feedback from existing course members.

Meet The Teachers

Your teachers for this course are Adam Sayner & Eric Jong, directors of GroCycle.

Why Listen To Us?

We have spent the last decade pioneering easier ways to grow mushrooms.

Mushroom growing is often seen as a complex process,

BUT in our experience, anyone can learn to do it pretty easily if they choose the right methods.

We've worked as consultants on a range of different projects and have trained thousands of people around the world in mushroom cultivation.

We're proud of the impact that this course and community is having on people's lives.

The support we offer alongside the course is invaluable, if you have any questions or are unsure about anything just ask.

We're really keen to help you with your project and make it a success.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This means you get 60 days to check out the course 100% RISK FREE. If you feel the course did not meet your expectations simply email us, explain the issue and we’ll issue a full refund.

If YOU'RE NOT HAPPY, WE'RE NOT HAPPY. And we’d like to know why you’re not happy and then make it right. As simple as that.

Still Not Sure?

No problem, we understand it can be a big decision. You can either:

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