Pink Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn - UK

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This tropical pink oyster mushroom strain produces beautiful clusters of bright pink mushrooms and has a delicious meaty texture. 

It is a fast growing species which thrives in warmer conditions (17 - 35c), and is relatively easy to cultivate.

This spawn pack includes:

  • 2.8kg of quality pink oyster mushroom grain spawn
  • 20 x Mushroom cultivation bags (can hold 1.5-2 kg substrate per bag)

Difficulty: Beginner

Pink Oysters are a great mushroom for beginners. They are fast growing, and usually begin pinning around 10-12 after inoculation. 

Best harvested before full maturity to preserve the brightest pink colouration and best texture. The colour will fade and the texture becomes rubbery if harvested too late.


  • pasteurised straw
  • fresh coffee grounds
  • straw pellets or hardwood fuel pellets
  • sterilised supplemented sawdust

Growing Parameters:

  • Incubation: 20 - 24C, 10 - 14 days
  • Fruiting: 16 - 35C, 80 - 95% R.H, <1000ppm CO2
  • Harvest: 4 - 7 days after pinning, 2-3 crops with 7 - 10 days between each flush

    Who Is This For?

    This is for anyone who wants to get involved a step further than our super simple GroCycle Kits.

    With this spawn pack, you can do the whole process yourself, inoculating a bulk load (around 30-40kg) of pasteurised straw or sterilised supplemented sawdust.

    There are no instructions; you'll need to already know how to grow mushrooms.

    If you don't know how to grow mushrooms and you want to learn, then either:

    A good place to start is with our Ultimate Guide On How To Grow Mushrooms


    Important Information


    Note: The spawn contained in this pack is alive and should be used within 1 week of receiving.

    Pink Oyster mushroom spawn cannot be stored in the fridge. Temperatures below 10C may kill the mycelium. 
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